What is the anatomy of a powerful employer brand?

You’ve heard of employer branding, you’re sold on why you need one, but you have questions about whether you’re doing it right or what might be missing. We’ve tapped two experts to address how to build an effective employer brand, from how to start to sharing advanced strategies for maximizing impact.

Join Lisa Cervenka, co-founder of Brand Amper, and Lars Schmidt, founder of Amplify Talent and co-founder of HR Open Source as they dissect the anatomy of top employer brands and get to the core of what makes them great.

They'll Dig Into:

  • The process of building an employer brand and why it's different for every company
  • 5 key components and how they intersect to make a strong employer brand
  • HROS case studies from companies like Lever, GE, Cisco and Hootsuite's Employer Brand Playbook 
  • Actionable takeaways and templates you can bring back to your organization

Lisa Cervenka

Co-Founder of Brand Amper

Lars Schmidt

Founder of Amplify Talent and Co-Founder of HR Open Source