In today's candidate-driven market, posting your open roles across a handful of job boards isn't going to magically attract the most qualified and talented applicants to your organization.

If you want to cultivate a pipeline of more informed and invested candidates, you need to give both active and passive job seekers the opportunity to learn about your company where they're already researching companies and careers.

In The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing, we explore the power of recruitment marketing and why having a multi-channel strategy is necessary for successfully attracting and hiring top talent in 2020—plus, how to start building out your content plan and maximize the efficiency of your time and budget.


  • What is recruitment marketing—and why is it important?
  • Where to start with developing your recruitment marketing strategy
  • How to utilize and repurpose your existing employer brand content across key channels to engage and educate candidates
  • Real examples from our partners who have successfully implemented a recruitment marketing content plan
  • How clear, consistent, and compelling recruitment marketing creates a positive candidate experience that bolsters the entire employee lifecycle
  • How to define and measure success with a recruitment marketing program