There are tons of efforts involved in attracting a variety of candidates to your open positions. But the real work actually starts with something seemingly simple: your job descriptions.

Of course, your intention is to write a job description that encourages all great candidates to apply. However, it’s far too easy for certain words and phrases, “required” skills, and other subtle cues to slip in and make perfectly qualified, competent people feel unworthy of even applying.

What can you do about it? Focus on writing more inclusive job descriptions.

Fortunately, our latest ebook covers everything you need to know to check your own biases and attract the talent you really want, including:

  • Why you should focus more on impact and less on “must-have” requirements (and how to do that)
  • Words and phrases to avoid using in your job postings (because they’re exclusive)
  • Why you should recruit your colleagues to provide feedback on your descriptions (and who to ask)
  • And more!