The market for talent is stronger than ever, employers have to stand out.

In this webinar, you'll get practical, real-world advice from data-driven marketers and talent leaders and discover what it really takes to approach your talent acquisition strategy like a marketing pro.

So get your notebooks ready! Melissa Matlins, VP Marketing at The Muse, and Alex Duell, Director of Recruiting at Beamery, moderated by Laura Bilzaranian, CEO & Chief People Officer at Teamable, will dive into:

  • How to hack the marketing lifecycle model for recruiting
  • How to approach talent proactively and become a true business partner to your teams
  • Why building and understanding personas is critical to getting recruiting right
  • What metrics matter when you measure and optimize content

Melissa Matlins

VP of Marketing, The Muse

Alex Duell

Director of Recuiting, Beamery

Laura Bilazarian

CEO and Chief People Officer, Teamable