Technology has enabled talent leaders to be more efficient than ever, with an endless number of tools covering everything from scheduling to nurturing candidates. But with all this technology, how can you ensure that your candidate experience remains human? After all, accepting a job at a company is one of the biggest decisions someone will make, and it helps to make candidates feel like they’re communicating with an actual person.

So, what is the right balance between gaining efficiency and maintaining a human touch in your hiring process? Watch now as Lauren Roberts, Director of Talent Acquisition at The Muse, and Alex Duell, Director of Recruiting at Beamery, dive into how technology can enhance the recruiting process and - more importantly - make it more personal. 

They'll break it down by stages of the candidate experience:

  • Pre-application
  • During the interview process
  • After an offer or rejection

Lauren Roberts

Director of Talent Acquisition, The Muse

Alex Duell

Director of Recruiting, Beamery