When you’re growing fast, it’s easy to zero in on hiring and finding the best-fit people to help your team keep up as you scale up. But what happens after you bring someone on board?

If you want your employees to be an integral part of your growth as a company - both as soon as possible and long-term - you have to make sure they’re equipped and empowered to do so.

In this webinar, Bart Macdonald, Founder & CEO of Sapling, and Shannon Fitzgerald, Director of HR at The Muse, share their expert insights on how to nurture talent from onboarding through learning and development. They’ll dive the strategy and key tactics into the four E’s and key tactics like:

  • Education: Developing managers on how to be effective leaders and facilitate their teams to grow
  • Expectations: Setting expectations during the onboarding process and tracking progress on a consistent basis
  • Exposure: Opportunities to learn about other areas and departments
  • Experience: Empowering people to change careers with your company (if it’s the right fit)