There’s been a shift over the last decade in how candidates think about their careers.

It’s no longer about the job description; joining an organization means so much more than that. Candidates now consider things like learning and development opportunities, impact and flexibility when making a decision about joining a company.

Watch Toni Thompson, VP of People & Talent at The Muse, and Dave Mahr, WilsonHCG’s Director of Engagement & Relations as they dive into the future of work, and why careers matter more than jobs.

What they cover:

  • Insights into why talent is now more attracted to careers vs. jobs
  • What careers focused employer messaging should entail based on key learnings about the modern career mindset
  • Examples of how companies are responding in order to stay competitive in the war for talent

Toni Thompson

VP of People & Talent, The Muse

Dave Mahr

Director of Engagement & Relations, WilsonHCG